The Three Weeks

The Three Weeks

Geared towards 4-8th grade

The three weeks begin and end with fast days (starting with the 17th of Tammuz and ending with the 9th of Av). The Shlock Rock song ” The Fast Days of the Year” from the CD Shlock Rock 9 WoodShlock is a parody of the Beatles song ” I Saw Her Standing There” .

Other related Shlock Rock songs: ” Kotel in the Night” from Learning is Good, ” When we Stand Together” from WoodShlock, ” Western Wall” from Shlock Rock Meets the Prophets, ” Turn to God” from God Sent Us Email, and ” Tu B’Av” from ReJewVenated.

Goal: To demonstrate that even though the Temple was destroyed on the 9th of Av, Torah learning still continued on, and continues on even today.

Materials needed: CD player, Shlock Rock CD WoodShlock, print out the song lyrics by clicking here, building materials like: clay, sting, pipe cleaners, tape, recycled boxes, blocks, etc…

Step One: Divide the class into 2 groups. Give the first group half of the building materials. The second group should take the CD player, CD and lyrics and go learn the song. Then repeat so each group has created a structure, and learned the song. Take digital camera pictures of the 2 structures created.

Step Two: The groups should destroy each other’s structures. Step Three: Students should sing/listen to the Shlock Rock song they learned. Then have a group discussion about the value of tradition, of learning and of the Torah passed down through the generations. How did it feel when the building you worked so hard on was destroyed? How do you think the Jews during the time of the Temple’s destruction felt? Do you think it is important to continue with our traditions?

Physical objects can easily be destroyed, but knowledge lives on. We yearn for the rebuilding of the Temple (Jews pray for it everyday, 3 times a day) yet our learning and traditions live on.