The Story Of Creation Lesson Plan

The Story Of Creation Lesson Plan
The Shlock Rock song Six Days Of Creation from Bring Back That Shabbos Feeling is a parody of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition. It is a useful song to use for a review of the order of creation or as an introduction for a class who has never studied Bereishit (Genesis) before.

Target Age: 7 – adult
Time Allocation: 45-60 minutes

You Will Need:

Chumash Breishit (Genesis)
the song Six Days Of Creation
tape recorder
handout with 12 lines of the 24 lines in the song written on card, one set for each group
copies of the complete song
Song lines (out of order)
third day he made boundaries
light and dark on first day
sixth day of creation animals today
heavens came to pass
insects hundreds strong
the stars the sun and moon
the seventh day has no work
big fish from the deep sea
then he brought forth grass
sixth day of creation man was on his way
all birds of a feather (NOTE:This is not the whole song.)


Distribute the handout and ask the class to order the lines according to the order of creation. They can check with a friend or work in groups depending on the age of your students and your preference.

Step 2
Ask your students to check their ordering using the chumash.

Step 3
Play the song and the students check whether they have the Shlock Rock lyrics in the correct order.

Step 4
Ask the students to see what appears in Breishit that is not mentioned in the song. Hand out the complete song for the students’ own reference.