Shlock Rock News May 13, 2018

Shlock Rock Releases New Song with the Maccabeats

Lenny Solomon collaborated with the Maccabeats for the second time and they have released Shir Hamaalot. An acapella adaptation of the song “For the Longest Time” by Billy Joel. It is in honor of Jerusalem Day or “Yom Yerushalayim” which is Sat night May 12 – Sunday May 13th. The song can be heard at this you tube link.

Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock Visiting the USA in June & August

As of now Lenny Solomon will be in the USA from June 13-26 and from August 8-28. Shlock Rock will be performing in Saratoga Springs, NY and Dallas, TX as well as private functions in the Hamptons and Brooklyn, NY. If you would like to hire the band please email us at

Lenny Solomon is working on 5 projects at the same time! Thanks to the 4 Corners Project Lenny is working on 4 Different Projects!

Who are the 4 Corners Project? They are a Not For Profit Organization with the mission of reaching the Jewish People scattered to the 4 Corners of the world through Music and Media.
If you would like to see Lenny Solomon make more and more content for you to listen to please go to the website of the 4 Corners Project which is and make a donation. The music industry has changed and in order to keep on creating, producing and releasing the business model has gone from a For Profit to a Not For Profit model!

Projects are as follows…
1) Shira Yetaira – A New Hebrew Album
2) Shlock Rock Song released 1 per month
3) 6 Music Videos per year
4) JIMM – Jewish Inspirational Musical Messages – A weekly webisode. Thus far 20 Webisodes have been released!
5) Lesson Plans of existing Shlock Rock songs!

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