Shlock Rock Hall of Fame

1. Mick Cantarella was the engineer on four out of the first six Shlock Rock albums. He was the critical piece in Learning is Good, Jewish Pride, Emunah, and Shirei Boker. He also engineered Woodshlock, Shlock Rock For Kids Volume 1 and 2, Mikdash and J-Rap City. Mick is a superstar in Shlock Rock History.

2. Steve Bill was the producer and guitarist of fourteen Shlock Rock albums. In 1987 Lenny approached Steve and asked him to produce Purim Torah. This started an amazing friendship and professional relationship. Steve was responsible for the authentic sound that emerged from Shlock Rock in the years when they were doing 100 shows a year! He also became the number one guitarist from the early 2000s until today.

3. Gary Wallin – The original Drummer of the band, Gary provided the energy and fun that gave Shlock Rock the most amazing sound! He made his singing debut on the song Davar from the album Shirei Boker and also was the drummer for KGB, a side project of Lenny Solomon. Gary left the band in 1994 and is now an accomplished bandleader and businessman.

4. Yonah Lloyd started playing with Lenny in 1984 when he joined the band Kesher as the guitarist, and joined Shlock Rock when it was formed the following year. His pop/rock sound was a perfect fit, playing smooth rhythm and powerful leads. He also sang harmony, and brought fantastic energy to his crowd-pleasing performances all over the world. Yonah played and recorded with the band for many years, even after making Aliyah to Chashmonaim with his family in 2003.

5. Danny Block joined the band in March of 1988 and was the last of the original 6 band members to join. He played Saxophone and violin and sang backup and provided tremendous charisma and energy to the band. Currently, Danny is a Dentist, commutes back and forth to NY and lives in Chashmonaim with his family.

6. Mark Infield was the utility man in the band. An excellent drummer in his own right, Mark played percussion and sax and backup Keyboard with the band. He also played Melodica and Clarinet when called upon. But his biggest strength was his vocal as he sang backup on over twenty Shlock Rock albums with Jonathan Rimberg and Avromy Weisberger! He currently resides in Bergenfield, NJ with his family

7. Mark Skier was the most outstanding rock bass player and was an original six Shlock Rock band member. He played on Learning is Good and is also the famous voice in Abarbanel who says, “What does Uncle Louis know?” When he got married and moved to Milwaukee to become a Doctor he then became Lenny’s Midwest Bass player whenever Shlock Rock came to the Chicago, Milwaukee area.

8. JJ Greenberg z”l – The impact of JJ Greenberg on Shlock Rock was immeasurable. When Lenny started out in the late 1980’s, JJ would come on stage with David Winter during Rapping Jewish and Wash this Way put on a show. He would also appear during Sukkot in Bet Shemesh, Israel at the Rock and Soul Festival dressed up as Elvis and perform the Shlock Rock Sukkot hit “All Shook Up” with his Lulav. He was an inner circle member of Shlock Rock and appeared on seven albums and numerous music videos before his untimely passing in 2002.

9. David Winter – “Doctor D” joined the band as well in the late 1980’s. His job was to be number “3” in the Jewish Rap Group 6-1-3. He also went on the road with Shlock Rock in the 1988 Summer Tour. He was a fabulous showman and still is. With his partner and close friend “J.J. Greenberg, z”l” the two provided energy, laughs and much excitement on stage. They were the life of the party! “Dr. D” appeared on numerous Shlock Rock albums and videos as well.

10. Allen Krasna – “The Kraz” as we all call him was the shtick writer of Shlock Rock. He wrote many of the humorous yet educational skits in the early years and he also appeared on albums as well. He was the star of “The Kosher Police” and Menchville playing the part of Friday, Al Chait and Morris Ayin.  He also was the brains behind A Shabbat in Liverpool and as he says at the end of Shlock Rock Almost on Broadway – “Lenny, listen to the Kraz, he knows what he is doing!”
The Kraz lives in Bet Shemesh, Israel with his family next door to Lenny!

11. Pinny Rosenthal – Pinny started his Shlock Rock career as the backup guitarist to Yonah Lloyd.  He gained his fame as the “Psak of Shlock” after spending the summer with Lenny and Shlock Rock in the famous Shlock Rock Summer camp tour of 1989! He performed many concerts with Lenny.  He has spent many years in Jewish education and is absolutely fantastic at what he does.

12. Phil Schiller – The producer of Shlock Rock Videos Volume 1 and 2, Phil had an excellent eye and produced music videos for Shlock Rock which were critically acclaimed such as Minyan Man and To Unite All Jews. Of course, the Original Minyan Man which Phil produced, became the basis of the new Minyan Man version with the Maccabeats. Phil journeyed with the band to Israel in 1989-90 filming the first official Shlock Rock concert tour in Israel!  He currently lives in Westchester and keeps in touch with all the guys!

13. Danny Shedlo – From 1988-1993 Danny was the backup drummer to Gary Wallin. He was a fantastic drummer and he is an even better person! He appeared on Shlock Rock Videos Volume 2 which came out in 1992. He went on long road trips with Lenny in the early years! He currently sings Opera and plays Violin and lives in New Jersey.

14. Joey Friedman – Before Shlock Rock there was Kesher.  Shlock Rock actually spun off from Kesher.  It was early 1985 in Philadelphia on a Friday night when Joey Friedman who was the bass player in Kesher and eventually played with Lenny in many many cities across the USA performed the song Bless on It/Boogie in the Shul with Lenny acapella.  He also co-wrote a number of Hebrew songs with Lenny as well.  Joey was a student of the bass and loved the driving energy it provided onstage.  The band would perform the song Hafachta from the Diaspora Yeshiva Band as they did it!  Joey currently is Rabbi of a Synagogue in Denver but still plays with Lenny when he comes to town!

15. Chuckie Epstein – The original studio drummer on Learning is Good as well as Shirei Boker/Songs of the Morning. Chuckie was a drumming phenom in the ’80s! Lenny quickly recognized his talent and he made his album debut in 1986 at the age of 17. Chuckie lives in Baltimore and is a licensed Pilot and Flight Instructor while continuing to play with Lenny anytime he is in Baltimore for a show!

16. Avi Frier – Avi was one of the co-writers of Into the Sea as well as a significant player in the music video “The Shuckle” where he plays the mysterious Mr. Frier about to take the class on a super road trip! Avi’s creativity and fun energy make him a pleasure to be around and his contribution to the band is highly noted! Avi released a Kosher Country Album this past Chanukah 2018.

17. David Hirsch – David joined the band in 1992 and became the bass player for Shlock Rock from the We’re Coming Back album. He performed in numerous shows with Lenny and went on many band road trips as well. His bass harmony was always a welcome addition to the band and his insight contributed to the band’s success. He played on Woodshlock and Mikdash and lives in New Jersey with his family!

18. Roy Yokelson – “Uncle Roy” was the studio engineer for Purim Torah and To Unite All Jews. In a poignant moment, Roy said, “If I would have had Shlock Rock when I was in Hebrew School” things would have been different! Roy currently runs Antland Productions in New Jersey.

19. Shmuel Laser – In the mid-1990’s Lenny met Shmuel Laser and he became the backup singer for the band during that time. He made his album debut in 1997 on the song “Get the Feeling on the Mikdash album and then again in 1999 on the album Meets the Prophets with the song “Go Down Moses”. He had his own rock group in his day and fit in perfectly with the band. Since the early 2000’s Shmuel made Aliyah and sings with Lenny from time to time for Shlock Rock Israel!

20. Jonathan Rimberg – Jonathan and Lenny have a long relationship going back to 1985 when Jonathan played keyboard on some of the songs in Learning is Good. Jonathan also joined Kesher for the third Kesher album. Jonathan has sung on many many albums and has performed with Lenny as well. He is a superstar and has had his own wedding band for many years.  He currently lives in New Jersey with his family.

21. Avromy Weisberger – has sung on more than 20 albums as a backup singer with Lenny and Jonathan Rimberg and Mark Infield. He has provided fantastic harmonies through the years and even has performed from time to time on Shlock Rock performances. When Shlock Rock was the first band to perform at the NSN Kosher Halftime show Avromy was in that band.  He was on the famous sold-out Ramada Rennaisance show in 1991!

22. Brian Thau – As pulpit Rabbi, youth director and Teacher he hired Shlock Rock eight times over the years. But that’s not all. Like his partners in crime J.J. Greenberg, z”l, David Winter, and the Kraz he knew every lyric and many a time would come up on stage to rap. But the biggest moment in Brian Thau Shlock Rock History was when, during a Chanukah Tour Concert in Brooklyn, Brian sang every song for Lenny who had lost his voice. We salute you, Brian! A true Shlocker in every sense of the word!

23. Mo Shapiro made his debut with Lenny on guitar in February 1992 at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He became the official guitarist for Shlock Rock in the 1990’s and still plays an occasional concert today. He is creative and very talented and wrote some songs which appeared on Shlock Rock CD’s as well as playing and singing on some as well. A tremendous individual and kind-hearted mentsch, Mo lives in New Jersey and works in Law.

24. Etan G – The one and only Etan G The Jewish Rapper! He has contributed and performed on more shows with Lenny than anyone. He has energy, spirit and the “moves” to turn a mundane concert into a fiery experience. It all started with Etan G meeting Lenny at Seaboard region NCSY in Baltimore and the rest was history. Etan co-wrote Achashverosh and Wash this way and then Be Good Be Cool Be Jewish and Makin HaMotzie. He has appeared on many albums and even though he lives in LA plays with Lenny anywhere and everywhere he can!

25. Roy Weinberger – In the summer of 1993 Roy joined the band playing the Macabiah Opening Ceremony with the band before 14,000 people at the Baltimore Civic Arena. He has been an invaluable member playing on many albums with Lenny as well as touring with him throughout the years. He has done the road trips and was a pleasure to have as the main drummer for many years!  He has played more concerts than any other drummer in the Shlock Rock Concert Tour History!  Roy lives in Bellerose in Queens with his family!

26. Rami Strosberg, Saxophonist and Vocalist, was the youngest musician to ever make his debut with Lenny Solomon at the age of 16. He played Sax on the song Recognize the Miracles which came out on the album Shlock Rock Meets the Prophets and performed many shows with Lenny in the late 90’s early 2000’s both in Israel and the USA.

27. Mike Roth – Mike holds the distinction of having been the number one Shlock Rock drummer in the USA as well as in Israel. Mike started out with the band in the mid-1990s. He played on Mikdash and then when he made Aliyah was the drummer for Shira Yetaira and other albums. He is so consistent as a drummer that some might take him for granted! Well, we don’t!!!! He is a fantastic musician and he lives in Modiin with his family!

28. Eddie Kelen – Who was the voice behind the old man of Shlock? Why it was Eddie Kelen of course. He was the sidekick to Mark Skier on the first album “Learning is Good”, and rapped in the old man voice on Rapping Jewish on the Jewish Pride album. His big moment came when on New Moon he said Shulem Aleichem” and when told – – “Move your car already I’m gonna miss “Star Trek” He answered, “You’ve seen ‘em all already!”  Eddie is a fourth-degree black belt and Karate Instructor!

29. Ian Gelfand – The early years provided tremendous opportunity for people to shine as Shlock Rock was blazing new ground. Ian was one of those that took pen to paper and wrote the song To Unite All Jews. A parody of “With or Without You” from U2. The song became a Shlock Rock Classic which is still requested today. Ian is also the voice of “It’s Chanukah I should be in Florida and “Its Passover I should be in Florida on the songs My Menorah and Seder Too from the album To Unite All Jews!  Ian became a comedian and worked for Comedy Central and is currently a producer and writer in Television.

30. Bobby Shubowitz – Bobby saved the day playing drums on the song Bench on the debut Shlock Rock album. He also played percussion as well in Bless on it Boogie in the Shul! He currently lives in the 5 Towns in NY and plays Simchas on a regular basis.

31. Shmiel Ramras – The bass player on the first Shlock Rock album with Mark Skier, Shmiel, an accomplished Jewish musician stepped in at all hours of the night and contributed so that Shlock Rock Learning is Good would be the best! He has performed in Shlock Rock concerts on occasion and is always fun to be around!
Currently living in Teaneck with his family Shmiel is the greatest!

32. Ian Bruh – The Big E! Ian Bruh, is a fantastic talent who currently lives in the Atlanta, Ga. Area. But in the mid 80’s he went to Performing Arts High School and it was there he met Lenny through the organization Jewish Public School Youth (JPSY) Lenny had him rap on two songs. Tradition and Rappin Jewish. He is the Big E!

33. Jeff Horvitch – Lenny made Aliyah in 1996. In the summer of 1997, he recorded Stories from the Holy Land with Jeff Horvitch. This was the beginning of Jeff producing and engineering 13 Albums. Jeff is a fantastic arranger/producer, engineer and Keyboard player and is outstanding to work with!

34. Victor Shine mailed a cassette to Lenny in November 1986 of the song Minyan Man. Lenny liked it so much he arranged it and recorded it and put it on the album Jewish Pride for a February 1987.  Minyan Man is one of the top five Shlock Rock songs of all time!

35. Amit Golan – When Lenny made Aliyah in 1996 he started working with the Creative Audio Studio in Jerusalem. The studio was owned by Jeff Horvitch, and Amit was one of the main engineers. Since 1996 Amit has done twelve projects with Lenny both at Creative and his own studio Supersonic. One of the most talented Engineers that Lenny has ever worked with Amit is a true Shlock Rock Hall of Famer!

36. Mike Cohen – After Danny Block left the band in the early 1990’s Mike become Shlock Rock’s regular Saxaphone player doing numerous shows with Lenny and playing on the Woodshlock release of 1995. Mike lives in NYC with his family and has promoted and produced music from the Uganda Jewish Community.

37. David Bogner – “Bogey” has been the only Trombone player Lenny has ever used in concert with Shlock Rock. He is fun, talented and sings as well! He made his first studio appearance on Woodshlock in 1995 and also appeared in the Shlock Rock Horn session in mega concerts in Queens College and in the Amphitheatre in Bet Shemesh!

38. Shmuel Wasserman z”l – My first memories of Shmuel are him playing percussion on Kesher 2 in April/May of 1985. In December of that year he programmed the drums for Kotel in the Night which was on the album Learning is Good. Shmuel also played the Drums on the Jewish Pride and Emunah album. His big Shlock Rock performance came in 1991 at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel where he blew away a sold out audience! He passed away in August 2017 and is missed!

39. Jordan Hirsch – Jordan is the first Trumpet player that Lenny ever had in the band and he made his debut on Woodshlock! He also played in big concerts in Queens College as well as singing bass on many shows. He played Arioch in the original Cast Soundtrack of Daniel in Babylon and lives with his family in New Jersey!

40. “The Bros” – Before Shlock Rock existed there were “The Bros”. Lenny grew up with a group of guys that would sing together on Shabbat all the songs that Lenny would write and try out. Abarbanel first debuted with the Bros as did Eliyahu Hanavi and the Spiritual Medley. They are the greatest friends and are now in the Shlock Rock Hall of Fame!

41. Amir David – Drums – When Amir left Israel for the US he spoke to his Aunt who happened to be Lenny’s Piano Teacher in Kew Gardens. Amir called Lenny and became the Shlock Rock drummer for a short time in the ’90s. Amir would go on the road with Lenny and the second generation of Shlock Rockers!
When he moved back to Israel Lenny and Amir connected again and Amir played drums on the “God Sent Us Email” album as well as “Recognize the Miracles” on the “Meets the Prophets” album.

42. Seth Stavsky – Guitarist and Backup Vocals – Seth was involved in singing harmony on Jewish Pride, Emunah and Lenny, and the Shlockers. He also played the guitar lick on Emunah that everyone knows! Seth currently lives in Columbus, OH with his family.

43. Gershon Veroba – Keyboard and Vocals, Gershon one of the most talented piano players and singers in Jewish Rock and Roll, was hired by Lenny to play Piano on Jewish Pride as well as to sing lead vocals on Minyan Man and Kvodo. He has teamed up with Lenny from time to time and has also hired Lenny to write for him on occasion.

44. Brian Gelfand – Keyboard. Brian is the most fabulous Piano player in Jewish Music. Coming from the Jewish Rock Band Kaballah, Brian was hired by Lenny to play some sessions on Shirei Boker/Songs of the Morning. He has performed with Lenny at numerous shows including doing a guest spot in Israel and playing electric drums on his Keyboard in an emergency situation in Connecticut!

45. Dana Friedman – Producer/arranger of the first Shlock Rock album Learning is Good, Dana managed to hire Eric Gale to play on one recording session in a monumental coup! She was a big proponent of Lenny going into the studio and recording and it is an honor to have her in the Shlock Rock Hall of Fame! She currently does stand up comedy in NYC.

46. Shloime Ash – Writer – Shloime wrote the script for the first Kosher Police CD and has consulted and played with Lenny over the last 30 plus years. Lenny spent many a Pesach with him and Mark Infield in Palm Springs, Scottsdale, and other great resorts! He is the funniest person in Jewish Entertainment and has a career in advertising. Shloime lives in Monsey with his family.

47. Avrahom Berk – The greatest studio musician that Lenny has ever worked with.  His credits include playing Trumpet and singing backup on numerous albums that Lenny has made in Israel.  He is the other voice on Shlockapella with Lenny. Avrahom plays with Lenny and the Shlock Rock band in Israel.  He also played the part of King Darius the Mede in the original soundtrack of Daniel in Babylon.

48. Mitch Clyman – When Lenny made Aliyah in 1996, Mitch became the guitarist for him in Israel.  He played guitar in shows and also Lenny recorded many songs with him at his studio.  Mitch was the guitarist on Stories from the Holy Land.

49. Danny Roth – Danny became the drummer for Lenny in Israel in 1996 and played many shows.  He also was the drummer on Stories from the Holy Land and a number of other of Lenny’s albums.  He is a fantastic musician and lives in Jerusalem.

50. Lana Bernstein Covel, z”l – Lana lived in Columbus, OH and was a big supporter of Lenny and the band.  Her house was the base where Lenny and the band stayed when they came to Central USA or were driving on the way to St. Louis.  She handled the business of booking shows for a short time. Lana passed away suddenly in October 2017.  We miss her!

51. Nachum Segal – The greatest Jewish Radio Personality of our time, Nachum started his career at the same time that Lenny started with Kesher. Lenny has appeared on JM in the AM and the Nachum Segal countless number of times and Nachum has premiered new albums, songs, videos and whatever Lenny and the band were up to at that moment. Nachum enters the Shlock Rock Hall of Fame as the first Jewish radio personality to be inducted!

52. Zvi Pill – It all started when Zvi Pill and Lenny Solomon were campers in Camp Dora Golding back in 1974 and 1975. Lenny played Accordion and Zvi, the drums. Little did they know that in 1982 they would reconnect and form the band Kesher. They would put out 3 albums together and did a lot of touring with Joey Friedman, Shlomo Horowitz, Yonah Lloyd and Jonathan Rimberg. It was a great time and it started the musical journey rolling! We are proud to welcome Zvi Pill into the Shlock Rock Hall of Fame!

53. Avi Feinberg – In September 1981 Avi Feinberg called Lenny and said. How would you like to play an NCSY Shabbaton! Lenny said “What’s that?” But Avi said – come on you will have a great time! This was the start of Lenny getting into NCSY. Avi played many many times with Lenny and eventually Lenny played all the regions with Zvi Pill and Kesher. Between 1981 and 1988 Lenny and Zvi did 20 to 30 Shabbatons a year and usually had a concert on Saturday night. It was the start of the Music Business for Lenny! Avi was the first drummer – the one that started the ball rolling with Zalman Umlas and the Shemesh Orchestra!

54. Shlomo Horwitz – Drummer and Guitarist, Lenny has been playing with Shlomo since he was 14. Shlomo was the guitar player in Kesher for the first album and eventually went on to become the Shlock Rock local guitar player in Baltimore. He is incredibly talented and is a meticulous player! He is one of the reasons that Lenny went on and had a successful career both in Kesher and Shlock Rock. Welcome Shlomo into the Shlock Rock Hall of Fame!