Sefirat Ha’omer Lesson Plan

Sefirat Ha’omer Lesson Plan B”H
Geared towards 6-8th grade

Written by Tzva Berkson

Goals: Students will be familiar with the laws of the Sefirah period. (Also see Lag B’Omer lesson plans for more ideas.)

We are commanded to count the days between Pesach (the second Seder) and Shavuot. The song 49 Days to Count the Omer from the CD WoodShlock explains the laws.

Other related Shlock Rock songs: : “Lag B’Omer” and “Bain Adam L’Chavero” from the CD Shlock Rock For Kids Party Time, “Neighbors Yard of Spoken Scenes” from ReJewVenated, “V’ahavta” from Shlock Rock for Kids Sing Together, “Everyone I Meet” from “Sefirah” from the CD Shlock Rock for Kids Volume 1.

Materials: CD player, WoodShlock CD, Lyrics sheets for song available here.

Step One: Be sure that the class is familiar with the meaning of the term “Sefirah”. Ask students to give a simple definition.

Step Two: Tell the students that there are several important facts related to the history of the period and the customary practices of the time, which we observe today.

Step Three: Have students listen as you play song. Next, have the students take out a piece of paper and play the song again. This time having the students write down all the facts they hear.

Step Four: Now divide the class into Chavruta (small groups). Have groups sit together and compare their individual lists so that the group can create a master list (10-15 minutes).

Conclusion: Bring the class together and have students share their lists. Teacher records the student’s comments on the board.

Follow up assessment (Quiz, crossword puzzle, etc.) could follow. Make a Sefirah HaOmer chart and use it in class to count the days until Shavuot.