New Release Alert – Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock – The Big 6!

Announcing the latest all original english rock album from Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock. The Big 6 consists of 12 songs of which 11 were recorded in Ethan Bill’s studio and 1 recorded in Israel at Jeff Horvitch’s studio. The songs are as follows. 1. Simcha 2. Roll Macs Roll 3. The Big 6 4. The Exile Playbook 5. Do You Remember 6. The Lockdown Song 7. Drowning in the Internet 8. Use It or Lose It 9. Nachshon Jumped in First 10. Pray For Someone Else 11. We Choose Love 12. If The Temple The songs should be on all streaming sites in the next few weeks and also will be available on for sale or download. There are currently 3 music videos out from the 12 songs and we are working on others. Stay tuned!

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