Making Aliyah Today

Making Aliyah Today

Parody of Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen

Gotta call from a man today

It was my Rabbi he said move away

Go to a place where the land is good

Land of milk and Honey and Brotherhood

I was Born in the U.S.A, Now I’m Making Aliyah Today(2X)

Met some guys in a yellow Van

I said fellas get on over to the holy land.

Go to Shul you know what to do

Sit inside and try to be a real good Jew I was…Chorus      

A friend I knew spent a year in Yeshiva

Going back for one more, Now he’s a believer

I asked him why you going to the holy land

He said son don’t you understand, I was (Chorus)

Back to Aretz…

A man sold some stocks in the city by day

He said he had enough its time to get away now

He’s on kibbutz and you’ll here him say

Friend worked at Sperry in Computers here

He left to work for Lud since the start of the year now.

Clarence Clemens plays the saxaphone.

He’s leaving Bruce and He’s leaving home

Go to a place where he can walk in the sand

and play his sax in an Israeli Rock n Roll band .Chorus

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