Bless on It/Boogie in the Shul

Bless on It/Boogie In The Shul

Parody of Jam on It – Newcleus Adaptation of Boogie in the Butt – Eddie Murphy

Boruch Ato Adoshem Elokeinu Melech Haolam Boray Pree Hagofen

Bless on it, Yeah Yeah we know we know.

Well let me introduce myself to you crazy guys,

what I’m about to say to you is the truth it ain’t no lie. 

I am the Kiddush Cup made of steel and you are the wine,

you pour your contents into me before you start to dine. 

You lift me up in your hands and then you start to say,

you say thank you lord your a real cool cat and hey man bless this day.

Bless on it, Bless on it, Bless on an on on an on it.

And if your feeling like you want to bless all night

go right ahead and flaunt it. 

Cause we are the blessin crew and blessin G-d is the thing to do.

Gonna do it right cause I can’t do it wrong

that’s why the whole world is singing our song

Bless on it, Bless on it, Bless on B B B B Bless on it.

Blessin is the funky beat that takes control

it’s a sure shot prayer that’ll rock your soul. 

Bless on it.(4X)

Well Now that we’ve been blessin out , let me tell you a story fools,

bout a guy I met who taught me stuff and took me to that shul.

I was walking down the street one day

and I bumped into a man and he was six foot two and weighed 220

with a big black hat and a long grey beard.  I said to him what is your name as I backed away with fear in my eyes, he answered quickly Rabbi Schwartz and he began to sing to my surprise.  He sang

Chorus: Boogie in the Shul Boog Boog Boogie in the Shul

I said to him if you don’t mind

I’ve been missing something for quite sometime

will you tell me please what I can do

to try and become a religious Jew. 

He said the answer is quite clear but you won’t get it standing here

and he walked away and told me to come I did and then I began to hum it went….Chorus

He took me to a building off to a side and he pointed to a room off to a side

where people were sittin’ with books wide open

listening fast to the words being spoken.

He said this is the very first step

to get the basics and not be a shlep

some people came over and started to sing. 

A song that had a peculiar ring, it went….Chorus

I said to him this is all very nice

but give me just one small piece of advice

I’d like to keep Kosher starting right now

but I don’t really know which foods are allowed. 

He said your on the road to being a good Jew

when eating look for that good old O.U.

and he walked away with a smile on his face and said

take things at your own pace, it went…Chorus

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