Lenny Solomon Timeline

January 1961 – Lenny Solomon is born in Kew Gardens, NY

March 1969 – He takes his first Accordion lesson. He would take Accordion lessons for 10 years.

1974 – Lenny writes his first original song.

1975 – Lenny starts Piano Lessons to add to Accordion Lessons

1977 – Lenny spends the Summer going to Usdan Camp for Performing Arts. His piano skills improve 1000 percent!

1978 – Lenny goes to Queens College and takes 60 credits in Music including theory, sightsinging, conducting and 8 semesters of Chorus led by Professor Robert White. He also is the piano player for the Yiddish Singing class led by Professor Michael Baran.

1981 – Lenny starts playing professionally first with the Shemesh Orchestra. Zalman Umlas is the Guitarist bandleader and Avi Feinberg the drummer. He starts playing NCSY shabbatons.

1982 – Lenny writes a number of original songs that he will record over the next 25 years. He also writes Abarbanel which is the first big Shlock Rock hit. Although, Shlock Rock has yet to be named, or formed! Lenny graduates college and becomes an accountant performing music on weekends.

1983 He starts a band with Zvi Pill. Originally named “The Yeshiva Connection”, the band changes it’s name to Kesher.

June 1984 – Kesher One is released with a number of hit songs. ViSamachta which was an original song Lenny wrote in 1982 and Hit Me With Your Best Pshat which would be the harbinger to “Shlock Rock”! The band consists of Shlomo Horowitz on Guitar, Joey Friedman on Bass, Lenny on Keyboard and Zvi Pill on Drumsa.

May 1985 – Kesher Two is released. Yonah Lloyd has replaced Shlomo Horowitz on Guitar and the album contains a number of great songs! The song Ki Lecho catched on in Israel and goes to Number 2 on the Chassidic Hit Parade! The song Motele also makes waves in the USA! After the album is released Joey Friedman gets married and moves to Memphis, TN. He is replaced by Jonathan Rimberg.

June 1985 – Lenny leaves accounting and becomes the music director of Jewish Public School Youth. It is there that he will use Shlock Rock as curriculum to spread Jewish Pride, Identity and awareness to the Jewish World. The career is about to start!

January 1986 – Lenny releases Shlock Rock “Learning is Good”. “Shlock”, a Yiddish word meaning second hand, Lenny has written eleven song parodies, but it was done as a comedy album. He is not expecting this to become a career!

July 1986 Lenny performs in Australia for the first time on Counterpoint!

February 1987 – As Music Director of JPSY Lenny records and releases Jewish Pride with the hit song Minyan Man on it! He also releases the second Shlock Rock Parody album – Purim Torah with Achashverosh and Under the Chupah. Two albums released at the same time!

September 1987 Lenny does his first two Shlock Rock Concerts in Montreal and Toronto!

November 1987 – Kesher 3 is released! This will be the last album Lenny does with Kesher. In December he leaves the band and starts performing as Shlock Rock full time!

January 1988 – First Shlock Rock Concert in Israel

March 1988 – Emunah is Released

July 1988 – Shlock Rock performs for the first time in Johannesberg South Africa on Encounter

November 1988 Shlock Rock 3 To Unite All Jews is released. The third parody album.

December 1989 Shirei Boker – Songs of the Morning is released

January 1990 Lenny and the Shlockers is released

March 1990 Shlock Rock performs in Anchorage Alaska for the first time!

November 1990 Shlock Rock Videos Volume 1 is released

August 1991 Sgt. Shlockers Magical History Tour is released

March 1992 Shlock Rock 5 ½ The Kosher Police is released

August 1992 We’re Coming Back is released

November 1992 Shlock Rock Videos Volume 2 is released

February 1993 Shlock Rock Performs at the Wembley Conference Center for the First time ever in London

July 1993 Shlock Rock performs before 14,000 people at the opening ceremonies of the Maccabiah Games at the Baltimore Civic Center

August 1993 Shlock Rock 7 Bring Back That Shabbos Feeling

August 1994 Manual For the Moral Minded is Released

August 1995 Woodshlock is released

November 1995 Shlock Rock For Kids Volume 1 is released

January 1996 Blessed is God is Released

July 1996 Lenny and Gillian Solomon make Aliyah to Bet Shemesh, Israel with their two older daughters Ayelet and Tamar

August 1996 Shlock Rock Songbook is Released

August 1997 Stories from the Holy Land is released

August 1997 Shlock Rock Greatest Hits Volume 1 is released

November 1997 Mikdash is released

August 1998 Shlock Rock For Kids Sing Together are released

November 1998 Menchville the Musical is released

August 1999 Shlock Rock Meets the Prophets are released

August 2000 JMTV – Shlock Rock Videos Volume 3 are released

August 2001 Shlock Rock God Sent Us Email is released

August 2002 Rock Moshiach/Bitah Achishena are released

August 2003 Shlock Rock Almost on Broadway are released

August 2004 Tnu Lanu Siman Give Us A Song are released

August 2005 Shlock Rock J-Rap City is released

November 2005 Shlock Rock for Kids Volume 3 We’re in the Band
Is released

November 2006 Shlock Rock ReJewVenated is released

August 2007 Shlock Rock GH2 is released

August 2008 Shlock Rock For Kids Party Time is released

November 2008 Osher ViOsher is released

August 2009 No Limits is released

August 2010 Shlock Rock A Shabbat in Liverpool is released

January 2012 Kosher Cake is released

January 2012 Still Not Quite on Broadway is released

October 2012 Derech Haor is released

May 2014 Lenny Solomon performs in Albuquerque, NM becoming the first Jewish Rock to complete all 50 US states.

March 2015 Shlockapella is released

August 2015 Simchat Chaim is released –

August 2017 Shlock Rock releases a song a month because of the 4 Corners Project so far he has released 7 songs from this project

November 2017 Shira Yetaira will come out