Introduction to the Prophets

Introduction to the Prophets
Thanks to Esther Rosenfeld for this lesson plan.

The students will be introduced to the different types of prophets, their tasks and fears.

Level : 1-12 Graders


Various Shlock Rock songs including “Jews Of The World”, “Watching The Sunshine”, and “Yonah and The Whale” all available on Shlock Rock Meets the Prophets.
Tape Recorders
A few days

1. Divide the class into as many groups as Prophets you are introducing.

2. Each group is assigned a Prophet and the appropriate Shlock Rock song as well as a Tanach for reference.

3. The groups prepare a skit based on their song and the Tanach about their prophet emphasizing things such as conversations with G-d, miracles, their tasks, reactions of the people etc. Encourage your class to use costumes and props and allocate a few days for the assignment.

4. The discussions following the skits can be based on questions such as :- Did the Prophets accomplish their tasks right away? Why do you think they did this type of phenomenal happening ? Was the Prophet more concerned for the Jews welfare, or G-d’s greatness? What qualities do you think are important in a Prophet?