You’ve Got To Find Your Way Back Home

You’ve Got to Find Your Way Back Home
Parody of You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home
Hannah Montana – 2008

You’re wiped out – the Romans it’s year 70
Took flight to another country
Hands up, again and again kicked out the door
Most times we will be running
Got lots of knives pogrom-in
Just know one day we won’t run any more

But when the flight touches down and we’ve got a place to go
It’s appealing that this land God did bestow – Don’t you know

Chorus – We were strangers there – here we arrange and grow
You won’t be ashamed this is the way to go
Shalom means goodbye but it also means hello
You’ve got to find your way back home

You can show your smile, you can change your scene
You can start a file and fulfill your dreams
You can learn and try cause everybody glows
You’ve got to find your way back home

It makes sense to get up and go now
Taking stock – tread on holy ground
You’ll know that here the Jews are safe and sound
Tell all girls and boys that maybe
In this world you can’t be lazy
This land is what our people dreamed about

So it will really astound to see the holy stones
Only with God’s grace He did bestow – Let’s all go – Chorus

Don’t say no – come from near and far
Here the deal – King David is our star
And you’ll grow – finally we’re here to stay

Am Yisrael Chai!