Yonah and the Whale

Yonah and the Whale
Parody of Jump Jive and Whale – Louis Prima

Yonah, Yonah, tell the people
of Ninveh they’ve failed,
But Yonah ran away
now he’s sitting inside of a whale.

Chorus: And Yonah’s just praying in the whale.

He’s hiding in a boat and the wind is starting to gale.
The sailor’s tossed him over now he’s sitting inside of a whale. Chorus…

Yonah’s going back to Ninveh
to tell the people they’ve failed.
The people came back to G-d
every woman and male.

If you pity the plants,
have pity on the people as well.
That’s the moral of the story
in Yonah and the Whale. Chorus…