Yom Shabbason

Yom Shabason

Yom Sha-bas-on ain lish-ko-ach zi-chro k’ray-ach ha-ni-choe-ach

Yona matzah bo ma-noe-ach vi-sham ya-nu-chu yi-gee-ay ko-ach


Ha-yom nich-bad liv-nei em-u-nim zi-hi-rim li-sham-ro a-vos u-van-im

Cha-kuk bish-nay lu-chos ava-nim may-rov oh-nim v’-a-metz ko-ach.


Chorus – Yona matzah vo ma-noe-ach vi-sham ya-nu-chu yi-gee-ay ko-ach


U va-u ku-lom bi-vris ya-chad na-aseh vi-nish-ma am-ru Ki-echad

U fas-chu v’anu Hashem echad baruch ha-nos-en la-yaef ko-ach


Di-ber bi-kod-sho bi-har ha-mor yom ha-shvee-e za-chor vi-sha-mor

Vi-chol pi-ku-dav ya-chad lig-mor cha-zek mos-na-im va-metz ko-ach


Ha-am asher na kat-zon ta-ah yizku li-fak-do bris u-shvu-ah

Lva-al ya-vor bam mik-reh ra-ah ka-asher nish-ba-ta al may Noach.


The day of rest should not be forgotten, its memory is like a satisfying aroma.  On it the dove found rest, there shall rest exhausted ones.


This day is honored by the faithful ones who are scrupulous to safeguard it, parents and children.  Engraved in the two stone tablets given by the abundantly Potent and Vigorously strong


Chorus: On it the dove found rest, there shall rest exhausted ones.


Then they all joined together in a covenant – “We will do and we will listen,” they said as one.  Then they opened their mouths and called out, Hashem is One Blessed is He who gives strength to the exhausted.


He spoke amid His holiness at the mountain of teaching.  The Seventh day – remember and safeguard.  And all his precepts should equally be studied.  Strengthen loins and be vigorously strong!


The nation which wandered like bewildered sheep – may he remember for them His covenant and oath.  Lest evil happenings pass among them – as he swore at the Waters of Noah.  Chorus