Yo Yo Yo Yarmulkah

YO YO YO Yarmulke

We’ve been Rappin to you for many,many years.

Bout Tradition,Jewish Pride and now it appears,

That it’s time to lucidate bout the topic of the day.

Listen up my friends to what we have to say.

Historically speaking we’ve never talked about,

Something on your head that you wear inside and out.

When you make a blessing on food or broth,

You keep your head covered with a circular cloth.


Chorus: Yo,Yo,Yo,Yarmulke,Yo,Yo,Yo,Yo,Yo,Yo.





Some people call it skullcap,some people call it beanie.

Some people call it Yarmulke,Kipah in hebrew sweetie.

Some people have them knitted,some people have them suede.

Some people have the standard white they get when in first grade.

Some people have their names on it in English or in Hebrew.

Some people have designs like x’s or zero’s.

Some people wear the hats of the Yankees or the Mets.

Some people wear the helmets of the Giants or the Jets. (Chorus)


Let me tell you a little story bout a boy named Sean

Had a yarmy so big it covered his front lawn,

Saw him on the street and said hey buddy that’s cool,

Is that a tent or a cover for a swimming pool,

He said no,no,no,no,my friend you just don’t understand,

This chapeaux is the finest in all the land,

I want to make one for those people who just haven’t heard.

Wearing a Kipah is the latest word.

I said hey my man Sean I’ve seen better you see,

My Yarmy covers all of Memphis,Tennessee.

And if you dont believe us ask our friend Sue,

She’s been crocheting since 1982.  (Chorus)


We said goodbye and parted company, And I realized I take this subject seriously.

So let me tell you now why we wear it on our head,

Some people even wear it when their lying in bed.

Yarmulke means in G-D we fear, That there’s someone above and to his rules we adhere,

So when walking down the street it should certainly appear,

We are dressed in the proper (HUH) headgear. (Chorus)