Parody of Yidden (MBD)

Yiddish is the language that we never learnt when in school,
Our Bubbies and our Zeides tried to make us think it was cool.
I wish when I was younger that I could see,
If I want to be like Avrum Fried and MBD,
I’d have to sing a song with Yiddish words.

Yiddish Yiddish I give up,
Moshiach will come before I learn this language that you’re singing.
Yiddish Yiddish I’ll make it up,
Kashe, kishke, cholent, tzimis please don’t ask me what I’m saying.
Bamir bist du shayn oy oy oy oy,
Vus is your name oy oy oy oy,
Forget the words just make them up with me.

Our parents used to speak it when they didn’t want us to hear,
So we picked up bits and pieces, and we said things like vayis zmir.
Now everyone sings Yiddish or they don’t succeed,
I have no other option, so if you please,
Fakeout fakeout it’s Yiddish accent time.

Yiddish Yiddish it’s all I hear,
At a wedding ask a guest the only song they will request is,
Yiddish Yiddish it’s what I fear.
I’ve played this tune a million times will someone tell me the first line.
Who made the decision oy oy oy oy,
To pick this song from Eurovision oy oy oy oy,
And make it an Israeli dancing tune.

Yiddish Yiddish it’s the fad,
Even choirs have begun to sing in Yiddish for the fun of,
Yiddish Yiddish it drives me mad.
The mishpocha they are kvelling, a million tapes they are selling,
But the words we’re winging oy oy oy oy,
We don’t know what we’re singing oy oy oy oy,
Just shep some nachas and sing along with me.