Who Knows One

Who Knows One (Let’s All Go Marching One by One)


Who knows 1? In our lives we  have one Hashem, one G-d in heaven and earth, I know 1.

Who knows 2? Moshe held the two luchot, tablets of the covenant, I know 2.

Who knows 3? There are shlosha avot Avraham Yitzchak Yaakov  I know 3.

Who knows 4? There are arba imahot, Sara Rivka Rachel Leah I know 4.

Who knows 5? Chamisha chumshei Torah, five books of the Torah  I know 5.

Who knows 6? Shisha sidrei Mishna, six sections of Mishna  I know 6.

Who knows 7? Shiva yimai shabbata, seven days of the week, I know 7.

Who knows 8? Shmona yimai milah, eight days before a brit  I know 8.

Who knows 9? Tisha yarchei leidah, nine months of childbirth, I know 9.

Who Knows 10? Asara dibraya, ten commandments  I know 10.

Who knows 11? Echad asar kochvaya, eleven stars in Joseph’s dream, I know 11.

Who knows 12? Shnaym asar shivtaya, twelve tribes of Yisrael, I know 12.

Who knows 13? Shlosha asar midaya, thirteen attributes of G-d, I know 13.