When We Stand Together

When We Stand Together (Lenny Solomon)

In these troubled times, our nation is in doubt,
We have differences, seems we cannot work them out.
It’s not impossible, to make right what is wrong,
If we just all believe and belong.

Our society is leading us astray,
Some have left the path, found a different way,
But we should not despair as many will return,
For a life of Torah we all yearn.

Chorus:When we stand together, we’ll no longer be apart,
We can sing together, and let this be the start,
Our songs unite us, help us join as one,
We can all join in the redemption.

K’she’omdim b’yachad, yitkayem hachazakah,
Az sharim b’yachad, v’yavoh hahatchalah,
Hashirim shelanu, koshrim otanu k’echad,
Yavo hageulah bimhayra,

Our nation cries, for someone to bring us back,
Many people sigh, belief is what we lack.
Mustn’t turn our backs, we cannot walk away,
Have to work hand in hand for that day. …..Chorus

There are many times we’ve faltered but that’s all in the past,
If we can just respect one another the future will come fast.
So put your hands together and sing with all your soul,
Take a chance to be a part of the whole. …..Chorus