Wheeling and Dealing

Wheeling and Dealing – What is this Feeling (Wicked)

GEDALIAH: (spoken) Hear us holy most esteemed Rebbe and Mori:
ELCHANAN: (spoken) Our dear Rabbi:
BOTH in Unison: There’s been a discussion overwhelming us in biz:
ELCHANAN: In a discourse on our parnassa:
GEDALIAH: Our recourse be wise about it:
BOTH: And you know we’d like to hear what you’ll respond – Yes
There’s been a discussion we have opened up a biz
GEDALIAH: A usury and fiduciary patronage for all to
gather and make it possible to apply

GEDALIAH: Wheeling and dealing what we’d like to do
ELCHANAN: Giving a mortgage for every Jew;
GEDALIAH: But points we’re giving;
ELCHANAN: So is it stealing;
GEDALIAH: The rates are changing;
BOTH: We’re wheeling and dealing.
Service is our name, is it a good game? Yes!
Loaning can adults go into loaning
GEDALIAH: every case;
ELCHANAN: a choice;
GEDALIAH: a living;

BOTH: can we say – we loan to all
Any interest rate so big or small
Makes everyone transgress a Torah Law
When your simply loaning
There’s a very strong temptation
To get more remuneration
A term so short or long!
So when you submit the app please ask,
Then we will complete the Torah’s task
Then we will be loaning
Lending you – you can’t go wrong

STUDENTS: Hey Guys we’re with ya and it’s understood
You can lend it for the greater good
There’s a heter! But for starters!
Just be clean in your service,
What Gedaliah’s – a heter iska?

GEDALIAH: Well these things are meant to help us!
STUDENTS: Hey Gedaliah the form can abide with the law so certified
So tell all Jews on this you can rely we say your;

Wheeling and Dealing Loaning
Is what we will do Can adults go into loaning
Giving a mortgage – halachically true Every case a choice a living
We put our trust in Can you say
it is not stealing
we loan it all We loan it all
Wheeling and dealing
Every interest rate so big or small
Is it a good game? Make sure you don’t transgress a Torah law

Loaning! Loaning
There’s a very strong temptation Loaning
To get more remuneration Loaning
Terms so short or long Or long!
So when you submit the app for cash
Then we will complete the Torah task
And we will be Loaning…
Loaning for forever… Loaning…
Loaning, Truly deeply abiding Jews Loaning Jews
You cant go wrong! Can adults go into loaning