What Happened

What Happened?


What happened to the way you used to think?

What happened to the way you used to speak?

It’s been a while since I’ve seen you,

I guess you just lost touch, I guess it doesn’t bother you that much.


What happened to your solid way of life?

Your heart was strong, your path was really clear.

I guess I saw it coming but chose to let you go,

Would it have made a difference even so?


Are you happier now or do you just think you are?

Did you run away from the truth or change the rules?

Are you following your dreams or heading down another side street?

Will I ever know? Why did you let go?


What happened to the way we used to play?

Those carefree days of acting without fear.

Now its an older man who’s talking, where a young man used to stand,

Just call me if you need a helping hand.