We’re Coming Back

We’re Coming Back


Here’s a story I’d like to tell, About our nation y’all know real well,

Exiled back in 70 c.e. Since then we’ve lived in many countries,


Chorrus: We’re coming back, We’re coming back, We’re coming back, Yeah Yeah.


Kibbutz Golius is the Hebrew tounge,The reign of Edom down another rung.

As we enter the Holy Land, Sit back and watch the land expand.  Chorus…


‘Cause when you look at the bottom line,

There’s miracles a happening all the time

So pack up your bags get ready to go,

You know it’s gonna happen, you know it’s gonna happen

You just never know when.


They started coming from the USSR, 1/4 million not done by far.

Operation Moses brought lots of good news, y’see now we’re educating Ethiopian Jews,


Now in Argentina and Peru, Costa Rica, Brazilians too,

It’s hasta la vista in the Central A. Listen closely you’ll hear them say. Chorus…


Now Uncle Sam is on the way, Don’t forget Down Under and the UK.

I got a call from the RSA And Canada should be here any day.  Chorus…