We Choose Love

We Choose Love

Music by Lenny Solomon, Lyrics by Annette Mandis


We dropped the fliers so you could leave.

Gave you warnings to protect your children.

You ingest them with a potpourri of hate.

While we choose love.


We are a peaceful people.

We don’t want confrontation.

It’s time to lay down the sword.

And we choose love.


How long will it take for you to come to your senses?

How long will it take for you to not be so incensed?

It’s time to work together.

We have to work on it every day.


What’s the deal with your textbooks? and your lessons of enmity.

You want us to give things to you, and you want the worlds pity.

But the problem is you also want, the land from sea to sea.

We ain’t going we will be here forever, and we choose love.


We can give you education.

So you can be Doctors and Lawyers.

Nurses and Judges are also in play.

So stop hating on us every day.


How long will it take for you to stop the anger?

How long will it take for you to shut down the spin?

We ain’t walking away we will be here forever.

And we Choose Love


Yes we choose love

Yes we choose love

How about you?