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We Believe
Parody of We Belong – Pat Benatar

It’s so hard to be a good Jew in a world where no one cares.
It’s so hard to do the Mitzvos in a world where no one dares.
But if you learn the Torah then you’ll know just what to do
You won’t desert your people, you’ll be so proud that your a Jew and you’ll sing

Chorus…We believe in Hashem We believe in the Torah.
We believe in the sages of old who gave us our Mesorah.
Whenever they deny us our faith it just brings us together.
We believe in Hashem for now and forever.

They said we wouldn’t last long that it was a part of fate.
Kicked us out of many countries tried to make us assimilate.
They tried to break our spirits but they’ll never get their way.
We’ll stand up straight and tall and we’ll never fall as long as we can say. Chorus

Oh my friends the day is coming yes my friends the day is near.
When Hashem will end this Golus and put an end to all our fears
And then the others will see who was wrong and who was right.
This day could be tomorrow if we don’t give up the fight and we sing (Chorus)