Watching the Sunshine

Watching The Sun Shine
Parody of Walking on Sunshine – Katerina and the Waves

Five Kings made a pact to attack us, and then went to war.
Cause the Ai were defeated, and the fall of Yericho they saw.
Now several rounds of hail from the heavens kept beating them down,
And Joshua said to the sun please stand still for a round.

Chorus: Now I’m watching the sunshine, whoa oh, Givon’s where it stood.

Now usually the days of the week are seven it’s true,
But he didn’t want to violate Shabbat, so this he did do.
The sun and the moon never listened to man ‘fore that day, no, no, no,
They bowed down to Joseph back then so the dream paved the way.

I see the light, it’s from above, shining with love, it’s standing still.
See the sunshine stay there, oh, oh yeah, see the sunshine stay there, oh…Chorus…