Wash This Way Song Download

Wash This Way
Parody of Walk This Way – Aerosmith

We’re the guys who blessed and boogied in the shul,
And we’re here to tell you something new.
Something done before you eat the bread
And it’s done by every Jew.
It’s called Netilas Yadayim that’s washing your hands
In a language that we call Hebrew.
It don’t take much time and it doesn’t cost a dime
And it’s real real easy to do it’s true.

Chorus:Just fill up the cup with some water from the sink
And don’t forget to take off your rings.
Pour twice on the right and twice on the left.
Be sure to make the right blessings.
Baruch Ata Hashem Elokeinu Melech Haolam
Asher Kiddishanu B’mitzvotav vtzivanu
Al Netilas Yadayim your done so everybody
Wash This Way ……..Just Fill Up the Cup ……..Wash Up

Now don’t talk don’t move your lips
Don’t even think of something to say
We still gotta make the blessing on the bread
And then we’ll eat OK
That’s Netilas Yadayim or washing your hands
Now we go make the Motzee on the bread
And the reason we do it is when the Third Temple’s done
The Kohanim will be one step ahead nuf said.