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Walking The Land
Written by Lenny Solomon and Tamar Solomon

In Israel in a city called Bet Shemesh
Every night I walk the streets
Trying to stay in shape you know is not easy
But here I get an extra added treat

As I gaze upon the mountains of Judah
Or see the fields so plenty and so green
Peaceful inner joy wells up inside of me
Sometimes I talk to God it’s so serene

Chorus: And I’m walkin’ the Land It’s Eretz Yisrael
Pounding the pavement with my feet
Every four amot I get a mitzvah
When you walk the holy land walk the beat

Let’s walk around Narkis go down the Runway
Left at the traffic circle then go straight
On Maapilei Egoz make a left on Rashi
Hadekel to Aviv ain’t it great.

Through the city into Migdal Hamayim
See the people at the sidewalk café
Then say hello to Levi the barber of Bet Shemesh
The running club is out as well today (Chorus)

Words cannot express the gladness that I feel
When I do my forty minutes twice a day
And every passerby gets to hear my greeting
Erev Tov or Boker Tov is what I’ll say

The spirit of the country rests upon you
The unity of all just uplifts
Cause even though we come from many different places
Being all together is a gift (Chorus)