Use it or Lose it

Use It Or Lose It


I have lots of friends with lots of money,

But they think they’re poor.

Even though they have many millions,

They tightly guard the door.

When I ask if they can help me,

They say can’t help you son.

It’s been a rough year, another time,

Right now I’m under the gun.


What they fail to understand,

Is it all comes from God.

Even though their moneys here today,

Tomorrow it might be gone.

This is one of the toughest tests,

To a person while they live

And if they think about it carefully,

they would gladly give


Chorus: You’ve got to use it or lose it,

Can’t hoard it forever,

You’ve got to use it or lose it,

Enjoy it together,


You were blessed by God,

So recognize the truth,

Pass some on to those that need,

Whether old or in their youth.


This man only does start-ups, this family bio-tech.

This ones into real estate, we are all impressed.

Anything is good, as long as there’s a guarantee.

To make 50 times your money, Isn’t it so easy?


Now one might get arrogant,

And say I did it all.

This is my skill set, this is my strength,

pride goeth before a fall.

Cause it’s not your own power,

That got you this big piece.

God Gave you this portfolio,

And your expertise.  Chorus…


So if you see a man come into money,

Don’t covet his account.

He could be holding it for someone else,

A deposit, a big amount.

And if he loses it all,

It was never meant to be.

The scale of Justice evens out,

But we cannot see.


Jamie Colby quotes Psalm 49,

At the end of every show.

You can’t take it with you,

Remember that before you go.

Just use your money wisely,

And there can be no doubt.

Live a life of charity,

Help a brother or sister out. Chorus…