Tzofeh V’Yodeah

Tzofeh Vyodeah

Tzofeh v’yodayah sitarenu mabit l’sof davar bkadmato gomel l’eesh chesed kimifalo notain l’rasha rah krishato yishlach l’kates yamim Msheechaynu lifdot michakay kates yeshuato Maytim y’chaye Kel b’rov chasdo baruch aday ad s hame t’hilato.


He inspects, He knows all our secret thoughts, he forsees the end of things at their birth.  He rewards the G-dly man for his deeds, He repays the evil man for his evil  At time’s end He will send our messiah.  To save all who wait for His final help.  G-d in His great mercy will revive the dead, blessed be His glorious name forever.