Turn to God

Turn To God Song (Parody of When You’re Gone Adams/Kennedy)

Turn To God
I’ve been wondering about my life all night
Worrying about what I should do
Yeah I’m trying to contemplate if
The path that I’m taking is true.

Well I phoned my friends but they didn’t know
It seems that I am on my own
Got the feeling now that the only way’s saying
Psalms to the One who is true

Chorus: When I turn to God I need help from above
Makes me feel real calm and helps right what is so wrong
When we want things to be good, life’s not going, as it should,
Know it can’t be wrong when I turn to God

I’ve been striving hard to make ends meet
Knowing there’s a place to go
Yeah I’m waiting for that familiar grace
To help us all grow

If you say Todah or ask for rain
If you’re feeling good or you’re in pain
Just open up your heart real soon
God will help you in all that you do. Chorus