(Music and Lyrics L Solomon)


For many generations things have been done

Laws passed down from father to son

Even in 1987 these things still remain

Rules that were obeyed through sorrow and pain

So take a little trip back check out the situation

Starting on the road with the birth of our nation

And you can get the facts straight

On when we had just begun

And here the real scoop of Tra-Di-Tion!


Chorus: Tra Tra Tra Tra -Tradition Tradition Tradition

Tra Tra Tra Tra Tradition

When things had just begun

TraTraTraTra-Tradition Tradition Tradition

Tra Tra Tra Tra Tradition

From Father to Son


In the beginning of our time there was Adam and Eve

Who were misplaced from the Garden after eating a bad deed

Which led to Noah and his sons surviving the flood

By building an ark it proved to be no dud

But Abraham passed on to Isaac, Isaac on to Jacob,

Jacob to his Sons, To Egypt they would take it

Till the main man Moses would lead the people out

So Tradition continued and we’ll begin to shout



You know united we stand divided we fall

So let us get out act together, we’ll meet at the wall

Where we can learn all day and rap in between

And then Friday we will dance as we greet the Sabbath Queen

Where we will meet Hasidim wait for the messiah

Charitize the beggars and raise the spirits higher

Get a message from the Rabbi ‘splaining his position

Teaching us the message of Tra-Di-Tion!