Throwing it all Away – Download

Throwing it All Away
Parody of Throwing it All Away – Genesis

Dave became Bar Mitzvah, learned for many years,
Went through all the motions, really didn’t care.
Didn’t want to be sitting there and learn about his people.
That someday he’d regret it he didn’t want to know.

Gail became Bat mitzvah loved it at the start.
Then she went to High School, Began to drift apart.
Even though she was really smart she didn’t see the future.
That someday she’d regret it she really didn’t know.

And their throwing it all away, on their Bar mitzvah Day.
Maybe something that I can say to make them change their minds.
I watched them all drift far away, but I know they will return someday.

In the summer of 82 on a trip around the world.
To the Kotel in Jerusalem Dave and Gail were hurled.
Without knowing how or why they both started crying.
But you and I know maybe, they wanted to return.

Somewhere in Jerusalem you’ll be glad to know,
That Dave and Gail are married, with children of their own.
when guests arrive from all around, they’ll tell you of their stories.
All about Bar Mitzvahs and you might here them say.

Don’t go throwing it all away on your Bar Mitzvah day.
Maybe something that I can say.