This Bracha

This Bracha (This Old Man)


This bracha is on bread make hamotzie for your spread,

Hamotzie lechem min ha’aretz, this bracha covers all the rest.

This bracha is on fruits, they grow on trees, they are a beaut,

Boray pree ha’etz you see, say brachot so easily.

This bracha is on cakes or on any cookie make,

Boray minay mezonot, know your brachot you can boast.

This bracha is on drinks and on candy and on meats,

Shehakol nihiyeh bidvaro, say it once and off you go.

This bracha from the land, vegetables are very grand,

Borey pree ha’adama before you eat is the mitzvah.

This bracha is on wine, grape juice is also fine,

Boree pree ha’gafen brachot fun will never end.