The Tug

The Tug
As told by Marc Gafni

Lenny, I can’t tell a story in 90 seconds.
OK. 85? I’m doin, I’m doing it. We’re rolling. History.

Little Kid 7 years old.
Wants to buy himself a present for his Bar Mitzvah
Mom and Dad don’t have a lot of money
Get’s a little piggy bank.
Start’s Saving up his money. Nickels Dimes Quarters

Bar Mitzvah thirteen years old Goes to the neighborhood store and says
I want to buy myself a present mister storekeeper
Says kid what do you want.
I want, I want that big red kite behind you That’s what I want to buy.
You have enough money kid?
Sure I have enough money, no problem
Takes out his piggy bank puts in on the counter, empties it out, Nickels Dimes Quarters
Has exactly the right amount of money to buy his kite for his Bar Mitzvah
Little money left over buys some string.
Goes to a neighborhood park ties the kite onto the string and begins to fly it.
Happiest kid in the world.

And he let’s out a little more string and a little more string and kite goes higher and the wind lifts it up.
And he starts running outside of the park in front of the 100 bus
In Van Cortland Park in Riverdale NY Part of the Bronx.
And more and more kite and more and more string until you can’t even see the kite anymore.
Looks like a little kid just running with string.

And a wise old man who thought he was really wise stops the kid and says, Kid?
What are you doing here, running around with string in your hand?
Says old man I’m not running with string, I’m flying a kite!
Kid How do you know there’s a kite there. You can’t see it. No one can see it.
Old man said that little Jewish kid.
I know there’s a Kite – cause I can feel the tug

And that’s what it’s all about. That tug.
That tug that each one of us feels that says
I’m proud to be a Jew
I know what it means to be a Jew.
And if I don’t. It’s worth my time to find out.
Jews are a family.
Any time of the day, Any time of the night.
There’s another Jew who feels the same tug.
And that’s what makes us special.