The Talking Fish

The Talking Fish

My friends let me tell you a story —harmony harmony harmony…About a man a holy man. A very very very holy man named Zalman. Now Zalman every day he used to go to his store at 5 AM and open it…. He would open it…. He would open it…He would open his store and take all the fish. He would take all the fish and chop them and slice them and skin them and gefilte them and get them ready to sell to the heilege community of New Square. He would sell fish in New Square. Harmony harmony harmony….Now one day Zalman spoke to his goyishe worker from Ecuador and said Poshite Goy I have a phone call please kill the fish and get them ready for selling. So the goy said si senor. Si senor Si senor. Harmony Harmony Harmony… So Zalman was on the phone when he heard a terrible cry. He dropped the phone and rushed in to the back room to see his goy white as a ghost and he said what happened Mr. Goy. Oy… So the goyishe sweet sweet goy said Zalman the fish are crying, the fish are crying. So Zalman did not know what to do… He said what do you mean the fish are crying. It cannot be it must be a little seawater. A little seawater that got in their eyes. Then all of a sudden the holy heilege little fish said I am a gilgul I need tikkun. Please eat me, eat me on Shabbos between Divrei Torah. Then he said Tzarich Shmirah Hasof Bah Hasof Bah the end is coming the geulah is near. Well Zalman he did not know what to do, but I’ll tell you one thing my friends my holy holy friends. That was one great Shabbos meal on Shabbos and a great Kiddush too. And then Zalman he taught me this story and he taught me a song and I will sing it to you everybody sing along.

A fish is a fish Except this fish wants to end up on your shabbos tish
So grant him please just one more wish – He’s the talking fish

Your right that the fish – Is a Tasty dish, Eaten with bagels at a bris
They’re not supposed to talk like this – He’s the talking fish

People walk around the streets and waste their time each day
But ask this fish and he will say Geulah is on the way

A fish is a fish Lox or white fish
And Gefiltered we like to eat heimish
He needs a tikkun so grant his wish
So listen to this – I’m the talking fish