The Streets of Jerusalem

The Streets of Jerusalem
Written by Lenny Solomon
Standing in the old city, I look but I can’t believe my eyes
It’s late at night and they still keep pouring in
Emotions come easy, just look at your wall and start to pray
Tears flow like waterfalls coming down into the bay.

Chorus: The streets of Jerusalem
We’re in the palace of the King
The streets of Jerusalem
The heart of the world.

I see your glory, I feel the power and the pride
I can’t express the way you make me feel
I see your stature, this is where the
righteous spend their time
We all are drawn to the center of the world. chorus…..

Think back to what it might have been like
during Temple times
The sights you would have seen back in those days
The wisdom of King Solomon, the service of the Priests
And the singing of the Levites and the rest of us. chorus…….