The Shuckle


Written by Lenny Solomon


Your standing in a room in the synagogue

People all around you but your heads in a fog

There’s a guy in the front leading the crowd

Another ones announcing the pages out loud

Ya’ turn to your friend,don’t know what to do,

Is it greek that your reading or is it Hebrew.


Chorus:Ya do the Shuckle, Shaking front and back.

Ya do the Shuckle,Your on the right track.

Ya do the Shuckle,It’ll give you confidence.

Ya do the Shuckle,It makes a whole lot of sense.


It looks like they’ve reached Shemoneh Esray now,

If you don’t know what to do we’ll show you how,

There are nineteen blessings you’ll say real slow,

Written by the Rabbi’s many years ago,

Dont be afraid to ask for a helping hand,

If life has not been going quite as you planned. CHORUS


You take three steps back,and three steps forward.

You bow five times,though it might seem awkward.

And in between,the bowing scenes.(to Chorus)


You can say what you want and you can say what’s there.

Just mean what you say when your saying a prayer.

When your done with your Tefillah and your at the end.

Take three steps back and forward again.