The Shlock Rock Hora

The (First Annual) Shlock Rock Hora

Smorgasbord King (Parody of Sultans of Swing)
You get chopped liver on your fork you’ll be eating when you walk but meantime
You see some ribs and some brisket and you want everything
A man is carving Duck – double portions, they’ll be no diet when you eat most anything
Get the Saltines – ‘cause you’re the smorgasbord King
Fish With Chrain (Parody of King of Pain)
Well I went to the store in the pouring rain to look really hard for that spicy grain
Some people would say that you should be ashamed
but I can’t eat gefilte fish without my chrain
Shmooze (Parody of Smooth)
I like the ocean let’s take a cruise, I like to sit around the house and read the news
This could be a good shidduch do you want to shmooze.
Give me your number and your name and then we’ll talk about it.
Don’t Speak (Parody of Don’t Speak)
Don’t speak You know you should be praying so let’s start concentrating
Praying to G-d comes first.
Don’t speak you know there up to laining
Make sure that you’re behaving Praying to God comes first

Jay Geils Nigun

I Want that Cheesecake (Parody of I Want it That Way)
Want some pie no nothing but some Cheesecake,
Mouth is dry do you wanna get a stomachache
Gonna cry if I don’t get some today I want that Cheesecake
You Make the Rice (Parody of You May Be Right)
You make the Rice I’ll make the Gravy Hey cause it just might be the side dish that we’re cooking for
Turn on the pilot light don’t try to change me You make the rice it could be brown or it could be white
It could be brown or it could be white
Bayla Parody of Layla (Lyrics Neil Fleischmann)
Bayla you buy me kosher cheese, Bayla, you prepare my Shabbos needs.
Bayla, you really are one of a kind
If You Wanna Be My Arava (Parody of Wanabee)
If you wanna be my arava be the best one in the land,
Lulav lasts till Pesach etrog makes great Jam
If you wanna be my arava you gotta grow near a stream
Rounded leaves are better, reddish tint makes me beam
So which one do you want do you really really want

Malkie’s Day (Parody of Maggie May)
Wake up Malkie there really are so many things to do
It’s Shabbos morning and soon everyone will be back from shul
I know you might be confused but now you are a Bat Mitzvah Jew
Oh Malkie you shouldn’t sleep late anymore, cause

That’s the Way it is (Parody of That’s the Way it is)
When you want it the most there’s no easy way out
And when you’re ready to grow and your heart’s left in doubt
Don’t give up on your faith Hashem is around you can see it
Cuz that’s the way it is And that’s the way it is And that’s the way it is

Cars Nigun
This songs what I needed