The Place For Every Jew

The Place for Every Jew

Well I’ve been waiting a long long time,
Been saving up my money every single day,
Picking up my suitcase in hand, no time to lose going away,
Heading for the holy land doing the things I’ve been wanting to do.
Setting up my final homestand, the place for every Jew.

Well I’ve been working nine to five for many years now
With the hopes that I could stop.
Finally set up the plan, my dreams in motion,
got a job up in Z’fat.
Heading for the holy land, ending my days as a traveling man,
I think the whole idea is grand the place for every Jew.

Gonna make the sacrifice they say it’s gonna be tough.
But I can handle any situation even when times are rough.
Just moving there’s enough.

Take me home El Al got a sheirut to the city, making some history.
Walking to the Kotel, climbing up Masada, Sitting down in the dead sea.
Settling in the holy land, changing my style, lending a hand.
Starting my business and building up the land, the place for every Jew.