The Four Questionables

The Four Questionables
Parody of Macho Man – Village People, Parody of That’s Amore’ – Dean Martin
Parody of I Got You – James Brown, Parody of Macarena – Los Del Rio

1.Matzah matzah man, I’d like to be the matzah man
Matzah matzah man, wouldn’t you like to eat some matzah
Matzah gonna knead that matzah
Matzah gonna taste that matzah , everybody want’s to be….

2.When this herb hits your mouth
like a truck from the south dats a morror
When your mouth is in pain
cause you’ve tasted raw chrain, dats a morror
When your face is all red
’cause its gone to your head, dats a morror
When you feel all famished
want to drink like a fish dat’s a morror…

3.Afikomen the middle matzah is broken, tzafun, tzafun break it in two….

4.Manishtana halaila hazeh mekol halailot, aiii manishtana
Hello my friends my name is manishtana,
on seder night I’m read by a ketana
Up on a chair and if you dare,
I’ll sing the songs and we’ll see how you fare
When I’m done, start the fun,
tell me the story of pesach, matzoh and mon…
So don’t run or be stunned
This seder night has just begun

5. All my leaven I will sell to you, all my leaven sell to a non Jew