The Flame – Shalhevet’s Song

The Flame – Shalhevet’s Song (Original Music and Lyrics by L. Solomon)

At the entrance to Gan Eden In the land of holy stones
Lies the hopes and dreams of many Jews It’s the city of Chevron

There are people who are living there
with a courage all there own
and they know that we stand behind them that they are not alone

Chorus: The flame must never go out The flame must never die
Chevron is ours now and forever Am Yisrael Chai

And while we long for the day when we will return
from the corners of the earth Shalhevet’s Flame must burn

When Abraham bought the cave Paid 400 shekel coins
He knew this was where the physical and spiritual world join

And everyday you’re standing strong
against dangers that are unknown
we realize your representing us by living in Chevron. Chorus…

Bridge: We’ve seen you through some painful times
And others might lie ahead
But the soul will last forever Shalhevet’s flame will never end.