The Exile Playbook

The Exile Playbook

Words and Music by Lenny Solomon


Let me take you back in time,

so you can see our Jewish History.

And you just might understand,

how we are in the place that we be.

Since the Temples were destroyed,

we wandered from country to country.

Only to be expelled or killed or robbed, or all three.


Chorus: It’s the exile playbook, repeating down the line

The exile playbook, it’s the same thing throughout time.

First we do real well, prosper and all that great stuff

Then they turn and rage and kick us out,

take everything we got.  It’s the exile playbook.


When we went down to Egypt,

the land gripped us to our core.

Succeeded until a new King did not remember,

what Joseph did before

We were persecuted

and this is what would be happening time after time

Until God stepped in, took us out, Moses gave the sign  Chorus


Babylon, Persia, Greece Rome, and Germany

Portugal, Poland, France, Morocco and Turkey,

So my friends around the world, take notice of the darkening skies

Only one place to go, you cannot hide, the playbook does not lie.  Chorus