Tel Aviv PD

Tel Aviv PD
Written by Lenny Solomon

A street smart boy from Brooklyn went to yeshiva
Rough around the edges with a determined demeanor
Came to Israel in ’73, studied here in university
Now he’s back on the street doing what he does best.

Chorus: He’s working for the Tel Aviv PD
Protecting humanity, he fights crime with dignity
Working for the Tel Aviv PD.

He’ll go through walls to save you when you’re in trouble
Just be sure to call him he’ll be there on the double
He walks the beat, the locals think he’s fine
But you know he keeps the kids in line
’Cause when he’s on the street he’s doing what he does best….chorus

Married a Sabra a while ago
They have two kids a boy and a girl
She’s on the force and they work together
On the streets of the city …chorus