Tefillah Song Download

Tefilah (Parody of Thriller – Michael Jackson)

It’s Kol Nidre night and everybody’s sitting in the shul.
They’re dressed in all white, knowing that this day is a renewal.
Then there’s the scene, a voice that echoes far into the night.
The Cantor sings and the congregation knows there’s no mistake
You cannot fake.

Chorus: Time for Tefillah for the Kehilah now.
You know they came to pray cause it’s a real important day.
They’ll ask Mechilah in tefillah now.
They’ll ask G-d with some fear if they can live one more year.

The gates are closing,you realize that this day is not for fun.
You start praying regretting all the things that you have done.
You close your eyes, trying to create some inspiration.
No more lies, everything you’ve done for the whole year is in the clear.

Chorus: And it’s Tefillah Tefillahs here.
If you dont know what to say well any language is okay.
Yes it’s Tefillah Tefillahs here.
Your looking for a sign so you’ll pray Tefillah Tefillah tonite.

You didn’t do things that you normally do on a usual day.
No eating no drinking no makeup and no leather shoes.
These laws are applied to all Jews.

They’ve come to get you, they’ll be starting Mincha in a while.
So don’t forget you’ve got to give your all the final mile.
Hey what’s the time, forty minutes till you break your fast.
So don’t regret you’ve got to wait until the very last, the Shofar blast.

Cause it’s Ne’elah pleading now.
One more chance to say well let me live another day
We’ll say Ne’elah and ask Mechilah now,
the judge is writing down so there’s no time…..to waste.

Teshuvah falls across the land that final hour is close at hand.
The last chance to atone to cleanse your mortal soul,
And now that you have fasted all day and you’ve promised to better your ways. You stand and face the closing gates, closing in to seal your fate.

As everyone sheds at least one tear, we ask please grant us one more year.
We’ll do better than before, all we need is one chance more,
And as these prayers said by all are quietly delivered,
We hope and pray that on this day Hashem will grant your Tefillah.