Sweet Aroma of the Challah

Sweet Aroma of the Challah
Parody of Sweet Home Alabama – Lynryd Skyryd

Bake it up
Week it ends, candles burning
Were all home all the kids
Singing songs about the sabbath
I’m with my family and greet my friends, shalom aleichem

When I was young went with my father
Walked to the only one in town
To synagogue became a member
Shabbat times the best around even now

Chorus:Sweet aroma of the challah
Sabbath time for me and you
Sweet aroma of the challah
Won’t ya come and join me too

In the Mishkan on the Sabbath
39 things they could not do
Now what this means in our terminology
No creation for us too, for every Jew. Chorus…

Messiah comes through the Shabbat
If we all can keep just two
Now every Ivri needs that Shabbat touch
Charge my batteries I feel a new, it’s very true. Chorus…..
Bring Andrew!!!!