Suppling Charity Song Download

Supplying Charity – Defying Gravity – Wicked

Gedaliah – I just extended my palm for rent!
In debt! – I’m crying for a handout
Oh can you Help Me, Oh can you help me now Oh can you help me
This could be your greatest pleasure to share some of your treasure

ELCHANAN – Why should I help you? Why should I help you too?
I know it’s hard but you should fill out and application
And learn a new vocation

Elchanan and Gedaliah – I know you have an angry frown

Elchanan – why should I help you right now

Gedaliah – Elchi, a lesson from me. Judging is so scary!
You can still become a giver it’s the perk of having more
You’ll be happy that you did it

Elchanan – It’s true! I can enjoy it – Yes! I must enjoy it even more!
I’ve got some change that’s on me, money that I have made
I’m new to giving at the school of sharing wealth that came
No need for finger pointing be elated with your keep
No crime to test the heavens reach inside and reap…
It’s time to try supplying charity I will not cry supplying charity
I’ll give without a frown

Gedaliah – You’re starting to understand
Having does not make you better!

Elchanan – I used to make deposits my money overflowed
Invest in the stock exchange had a big portfolio
So long I kept away from helping those with no remorse
Well I will live from now on and set a different course
I’ll be the guy supplying charity, I can comply I’m supplying charity
I’ll give without a frown!

Gedaliah, come work for me.
I’ll give you something you can do – for labor

Employment is the level of employment is
The level that is the highest grade of charity – Gedaliah!
Redeem and we’ll withstand them
Gedaliah – the times that might be bad when

Gedaliah and Elchanan – With this merit we won’t sin
We will apply, supplying charity, We will rely, supplying charity

Elchanan I will give to all around! See what I’m Becoming?

Gedaliah – I knew you’d help me now that you’re schooled in this –

Elchanan – Thank You — my old ways I’ll dismiss

Gedaliah and Elchanan – Cause God is how we get it
And we will not forget it
So I will help you so you can spend
I will help you contend

So I will share my money like I’ve been blessed from high!
So many times I’ve waited kept reserves let the chance pass by
I’ll be relying solely on the One providing me
To all those around me – the best is yet to be!

Tell all how I am supplying charity and I will smile while supplying charity
And I’ll hand out as much is allowed
And every day I will thank God I’m giving and not poor or worse
Tell everyone to please come round!!

Gedaliah I knew you’d help me

Chorus Look at him he’s giving – Maaser!!

Elchanan – Please come round!

Chorus All will laud the giver
So we will see you a –

Elchanan Ahhhh!

Chorus- Round!