Succah Hop

Succah Hop (Original)

Well I was walking down the street in Israel land

Just taking my time with my lulav in hand

Knocked on my neighbors succah – he said come inside

I said I’d like some food please could you provide?


Chorus: I did the hop, I did the hop, I did the succah hop

He did the hop, he did the hop, he did the succah succah hop

I did the hop, I did the hop, I did the succah hop

Then I went outside with my friends by my side.


Then I met my friend Yossi and he came along

To the next succah and we sang this song

Soon we had some treats we were on our way

Doing this succah hop could really pay.  Chorus


Next it was Gidon and his friend Tzvi

We pitched up at another succah, two or three?

After listening to Divrei Torah and singing this song

A whole bag of candy got us movin’ along.  Chorus


Soon the whole neighborhood was hopping with me

When we came to the last succah in the city

It was the Rabbi – he said with a grin

Boys and girls we’re glad to see you come on in!  Chorus