Strings of Life

The Strings of Life
(Music and Lyrics L Solomon and Etan G)

Chorus: Putting on the strings of life (8x)

Now I know what you’ve been thinking as you look at me
You’re saying man you’re lookin a little bit funny
Something about you is impeding my sight
You’re dressing with style but you’re not getting it right
I say to you I’m doin’ it my way
I am not embarrassed or ashamed of wearin’ it every day
I’m representing the tribe and I can’t resist it
You got it yet – where rappin ’bout Tzitzit

Tzitzit mean strings and they’re the strings of life
You wear them during the day – not at night
They help us realize that God is up above
Like the (yo yo) Yarmulke which we rapped about with love
Now girls listen up so you know that it’s clear
Tzitit is a mitzvah you don’t need to adhere
You see you got it all down you know what life’s about
It’s us guys who need reminding how to figure it out – so we’ll be

One more thing to say then we’ll be done.
These Tzitzit have the the Mitzvot all rolled into one
Tzitzit comes to 600 for every Jew
That’s math of the letters or Gematria in Hebrew
Add 8 strings and 5 knots to make 6-1-3
Every Mitzvah’s represented,each one is right here
So if you’re at work or if you’re play
Put on the strings of life every single day – and you’ll be