1001 things to do fifteen minutes to go.
Gotta shower gotta shave and a gotta get dressed
and gotta put away all my dough.
Had a meeting in Manhattan at 4:45,
got stuck in traffic but I made it home alive so I can;

Chorus: Stop cause Shabbos is here.
Next 25 hours to me are very dear I’m gonna Drop!
All the things on my mind put it aside for another day.

5 exams, 3 papers, thousand pages of reading coming up in only 5 days.
Now it’s Friday afternoon and I’ve been working like crazy.
Can’t believe it’s such a short day.
Close the books, stop the writing, prepare for His glory.
Gonna sing my Shabbos songs and gonna tell my shabbos stories gonna

Some people might think you need a lot of discipline.
To stop what you’re doing when the sun goes down.
But I enjoy the rest it’s my day of relaxation.
Don’t care about my tests when Shabbos comes around.

Now I’m closing up shop, put my business on hold
Sitting down my Friday nite meal

Yeah, the market is closed and my mind is at rest,
It seems like a pretty good deal.
One day a week I won’t make the scene,
Put an end to that day in day out routine I’m gonna… Chorus: