SM036 – The Kosher Police Theme Song – Sheet Music

The Kosher Police was released in February 1992.  It was a children’s story for adults as well.

The original Kosher Police song Every Bite You Take launched the Kosher Police spinoff!

Written by Allen “The Kraz” Krasna and Shloime “Not the Music Store” Ash,  the Kosher Police featured

Allen Krasna as Friday and Lenny Solomon as Shabbos of the Kosher Police.  The Police Chief was played by

Yonah Lloyd and the Mayor Meyer of Menchville by Mark Infield.  Mo Shapiro played his son Oscar.  The two villains

were played by Gary Wallin as Dr I.M. Treif and his sidekick Tzuris was played by the inimitable Danny Block.