SM034 – Kesher Tefillin – Sheet Music

Kesher Tefillin was written by Lenny Solomon in 1987 and released as

the tenth track on the album Emunah in Feb 1988.  Lenny used to go to

a lot of Youth Conventions for NCSY in Virginia.  It was there that he met great

NCSY’ers such as Elise Richels, Becky Sukoff, Bezhad Dayanim, Laurie Solomon,

Mark Shull and Avi Frier.  He wrote the song using the words Kesher Tefillin which

come from the poem Anim Zemirot sung on Shabbat Day as a tribute to the band Kesher.

Kesher was Lenny’s first band and he was in the process of leaving Kesher and going on a musical

adventure with Shlock Rock.