SM031 – Israel’s Song – Sheet Music

Israel’s Song is an unusual song.  It is a nigun.  Meaning there are no

words to the song.  It was written by Lenny Solomon or as he likes to say,

he received it.  Lenny was at the funeral of the Rabbi of his synagogues father.

During the eulogy The Rabbi talked about how his father loved music and loved

going to the Modzitzer Rebbe where he would learn new songs and then sing them.

Well, during that time – this melody came into Lenny’s head and by the time

the funeral was over the Nigun was written.  The name of the deceased person was

Israel.  And for this reason the song is called Israel’s song.  Lenny recorded it

as an Acapella piece as if a group of Hasidim were sitting at a “Rebbe’s Tish”

It was the last track on Woodshlock which came out in August 1995.